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Narada Authorized Distributor in Pakistan

Improvements in NARADA Battery technology offer valuable storage.

Best Battery Sellers in Pakistan

We are committed to focusing a wide range of services, including initial site survey, system design, installation, preventative maintenance, training, procedural support and after-sales backing with the assistance of a dedicated and extensive network of skilled personnel to ensure life-lasting

Authorized Distributor

Atlas Energy Solution (Pvt) Ltd. is a authorized distributor of Narada Power Batteries in Pakistan and we also provide high quality products on best prices.

Acme Series Best Quality

Improved quality CCPP technology dry battery with front terminal & centralized venting system.

Acme-G First
AGM Polymer

Narada introduced a first Polymer Gel technology & valve regulated lead acid dry battery.

MP Series
AGM Battery

Best energy storage AGM acid battery suitable for UPS and telecommunication systems.

MPG Solar

Advanced Polymer Gel technology extends life of dry battery & compatible for solar system, UPS.

Rex Renewable

Rex is a name excellent renewable energy eXtra & efficient battery, Compatible with all systems.

Eos Series
Large Capacity

Large capacity less space dry battery for standby power & suitable for all systems with safety valve.

Eos-G Less
Space Battery

Narada designed battery for standby power of datacenter, UPS and for telecommunication.


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