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Narada Pakistan

Authorized Distributor

Atlas Energy Solution (Pvt) Ltd. is an authorized distributor of Narada Power Batteries in Pakistan and we also provide high-quality products at best prices.

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Atlas Power loves to feel proud in importing high-quality and reliable Uninterruptible Power Supplies & Stabilizers; those are well aware of power protection innovation, technology, and class-leading in system efficiency, availability, sustainability with flexibility.

We use to provide a comprehensive range of batteries, solar panels, and power conditioning equipment enabling a complete and fully matched power protection solution to ensure constant supply in the event of a power failure or abnormal voltage.

A Guarantee of Service Excellence

We are committed to focus a wide range of services, including initial site survey, system design, installation, preventative maintenance, training, procedural support and after sales backing with the assistance of a dedicated and extensive network of skilled personnels to ensure life-lasting and flawless outcomes. That’s why a cut-rate and more compatible price range “product” derives into existence which enables us to draw a mutual trust and confidence of our valued clients.

We at Atlas Power have gathered a certification to run and perform a Quality Management System and Safety First Scheme which guarantees for all its customer’s obligations under health, safety and environmental legislation.

One-Stop Complete Solution

Atlas Power has a complete solutions approach to meet its upright customer’s demand and specific requirement. We here at the platform of Atlas Power are so punctual and concern to care any specific power base need of our honorable buyers by taking any media of Product or Service into use, whether technical or demonstrative. We are here, just for the sake of yours entire satisfaction. You are most welcome to give us contact for any of your enquiry.

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